So, you have narrowed the search for a new web hosting company down to just a few of the top 10 or 15, have you?  You need to know about all of the different platforms and types of interfaces and the range of e-mail accounts offered as well as the various scripts, programs and applications included in each package.  This is a very interesting time.  Let’s fill in some of the blanks.

Based in Houston, Texas, Hostgator is the 15th largest hosting company in the United States.  It started in 2002 in a college student’s dorm room and has gown from 3 servers to over 8,000, now.  They host over 5,000,000 domains and have more than 2,000,000 users/clients.  They have won over 35 awards from various entities and are credited with being 130% Green Power Certified.

Each account has a full 45 day money back guarantee, 99.9% up-time record and has essentially four hosting options.  Those are Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller.

Shared is what you would get at most of the hosting companies for their basic fees.  This option puts all accounts on the smallest number of servers.  Your websites might be on a server in Texas, they might be on a server in some other location.  It really does not matter where your server is, because they are easily accessible no matter where they are.  The point about shared hosting is that when another user does something that might cause the server to go down, your stuff goes down and it is not even your fault.  This does not happen too often, however when it does…? HostGator does provide a shared hosting option of course, as most users find this is the best price/security option and again, they do have a 99.9% up-time that any web hoisting review site or forum will attest to.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is the next step up the ladder toward the security of a dedicated server.  VPS ensures that the files you have uploaded are virtually separated from any others on the servers that they are on.  The monitoring that is 24/7 with Hostgator makes sure that any issues arising from any problems are squelched very quickly and/or your files are transferred to one or more of the other servers in their server farms.

The dedicated servers are the ultimate in security for the web sites that are your money makers.  When you have the number of visitors and the membership that keeps your web sites really humming, you know that you need the most bandwidth, capabilities and flexibility available to keep up with the load.  Hostgator wants work with you to get the most for your money and makes sure that you have what you need in no uncertain terms.

Reseller accounts are those that are used for you when you need to re-sell hosting accounts.  You can be the hosting company.  You can collect the money.  Hostgator can do all the work.

That might be the best option for you and Hostgator can be the one that will do it for you.