Many people have wondered about the name Hostgator.  They have thought about what a unique name this company has.  They have thought that a Gator, that probably has never even set their eyes on a computer, much less used one, is not the best name for a hosting company.  What can be said for that name and how does it really apply to the way in which this 2002 start-up company works.

Could it be about the college student who started the whole thing in his dorm room?  Maybe it applied to the pets that college guys have in the dorms?  Hostgator has to be in reference to something, right?  Let’s see, Gators are tough.  Hostgator has a set of applications and programs available that really do set it apart from other hosting companies and that has to be a tough way to go.

Gators have those very sharp teeth.  Those can be likened to the many different program stores that Hostgator has available for everyone who finds them.  The razor sharp applications, like WordPress, Webalizer, the unlimited MySql databases, the unlimited domains and all the rest that can grab you and not let go, that is kind of like a Gator.

Maybe it is for the names assigned to each account plan.  Let’s face it, Hatchling, Baby Croc are names for Gators in various stages of their lives.  The bigger they get, the more ferocious they are and the bigger the teeth.  Why does this trouble people so much?

The tough skin that all Gators have is a starting point.  Hostgator has a reputation as being one of the greenest hosting companies in the world.  It is 130% Green Power Certified and has been for almost its entire life.  That is certainly tough and it has led the way for other companies to do the same. Gators are one of the original green energy animals.  They have been with us for many thousands of years and they will come up on top in just about any fight.

Just like Hostgator who will also come out up on top in just about any comparison shopping you care to do, the features from the blogging software through the applications that will assist you in putting all the bells and whistles on your web pages; the ones that make you web sites the most interactive in your niche, do come out on top every time.

Do other hosting companies with wimpy names have some of the same features?  Yeah, some of them do. However, can they boast 24/7/365 monitoring of the over 8,000 servers available?  Gators are on the lookout for trouble 24/7/365, so should your hosting company.  Do some of the others have the ability to give you the service that you deserve?  According to many of the reviews that are out there, a lot of them just can’t seem to get the customer service part right.  You know that when you find a Gator, he will take care of business.

Hostgator is the right name in the right place at the right price.