Hostgator supplies videos for all things web hosting.  The videos that are available for the person that needs to know what they are doing are listed on their web site and are accessible by anyone.  Some of the videos have to do with how to manage your account with them and the vast majority of them are about things that are available for you to manage your web sites on their servers.  Let’s take a look at some of these.

Logging into your account as well making payments, setting up a Paypal subscription and updating your account information are all very necessary and that is the things you need to know to manage your relationship with them.  Those are covered by various video tutorials.  Most of these very informative videos deal with the management and the application and installation of the various programs, apps and scripts available from their very large store.

The videos will include:

  • Logging into cPanel
  • Creating an E-mail account
  • FTP Accounts, creating them
  • How to use the webmail
  • Adding an add-on domain
  • Creating the best sub-domain
  • Viewing your disk space information
  • Blocking an IP address
  • Changing the style of your cPanel
  • How to back up your website and restoring it
  • Creating a MySql database
  • Creating an auto responder
  • Creating an E-mail forwarder
  • Placing a password on a directory
  • Setting up a cron job
  • How to use Fantastico
  • Using the file manager
  • How to use the Spam Assassin
  • Creating a URL redirect
  • Installing FrontPage
  • Managing all visitor logs
  • Changing Name Servers

There are additional videos showing how to manage all Plesk activities such as logging in, configuring a database, e-mail and the firewall.  Also included are managing backups, clients, domain aliases and domains, e-mail accounts, ip addresses, MySql databases, passwords and services and other components.

The lists of the videos available are a very long list, indeed.  Hostgator does not want to leave you hanging without the information you need to do any of the things that area accessible for your use. You need to have a web hosting company that does not leave anything to chance.  You have that ability to not only know, but to also be able to view them over and over again.  This is one of the most helpful hosting companies and they are 130% Green Certified as well.  That has to go a long way to settling your mind about where they think they need to make the most efforts.

The above very small listing of the videos available should tell you that when you host with Hostgator, you are getting more than your money’s worth in everything that they do.  Hostgator is one of the top 10 web hosting companies in the United States and is very popular all over the world. Telling you that with Hostgator they not only do all the things that you need done, they show you how to do those things that are the most helpful for the best web sites in your niche.