Yes!  Oh, you need more?  OK.  Through the cPanel provided by Hostgator, you are able to get access to Attratca .com.  This company will help you do quite a number of things.  Listed below are some of those.

On the cPanel are six icons that you can use to access the SEO tools available.¬† Clicking on the Get in Google icon will prompt you to submit any and all of your current web sites hosted by Hostgator to Attracta.¬† They will then crawl all of the pages on those web sites and submit that information to Google for them to come and visit. Most of the time when you upload a web site Google may not visit for months, or not at all even.¬† This handy function gets the Spiders attention within days.¬† You can find yourself on Google’s search results very quickly.

The next icon, the Google Scorecard, displays information that you will find helpful to you as you attempt to modify your files to score better for Google.  The scorecard will let you know about some of the things you need to have or things you should change in order to score better for the most popular search engine on the planet.

Nothing is more frustrating to a visitor to your web page than a link that does not work.  That link might be your money maker and it is not sending people to the right page or affiliate site.  The biggest problem with this is that unless you are checking all the time, you may never know that there is a problem until it is too late.  The icon that says Broken Links Report will do all of that testing for you and send you an e-mail about it.

Now for the interesting one!  The one marked Google Maps Listing will help you to get your business on Google maps.  As of this writing, Google is still providing free listings to businesses on the maps when people search for a map of your area.  This is very helpful when you need foot traffic.  This is also helpful when you just want to be on the map.

The second to the last icon says Link Building Directory.  Maybe one of the reasons that you are not getting the traffic you want is that you do not have the right kind and amount of links leading people to your site.  That is what this function will help you to do.  Follow the instructions here and see the difference.  The links that can be produced by using some of the simple techniques here will benefit you and all of your pages for a long time.

All of the above functions are set up to deal with your content in Google fashion.  Most of the other search engines use the same basic rules for grading your site.  When you have Google on your side, or at least not against you, you have an upper hand over all the other search engines.

The last icon, when clicked will set you up to receive 15 minutes of free consultation.