The best way to know if you are getting traffic, other than people actually sending you money, is the logs provided by the hosting companies as they should be in the best position to know and provide this. Hostgator is no different and they want you to be able to get this information very quickly.  After all, the more money you make, the more web sites you are going to upload into their servers and everyone wins.  The more information that they can provide then the more you are going to know that they are not in the business of keeping you in the dark.  Gone is the day when a hosting company will only provide this information after many e-mails and threats.

What kind of information do you need to manage your web sites?  It is available thru the cPanel platform that comes with every Hostgator account.  The logs section has 8 icons to pinpoint exactly the information that you need.  You will probably use one or two of them more than the rest. However, having more information is always preferable to have less.  Let’s look at each application/function:

  • Latest Visitors:  This function lists up to the last 300 visitors to that particular web site.  It will indicate whether it is a live person on their computer or a robot.
  • Bandwidth:  This function will show you the bandwidth usage for today, last 7 days and/or last 12 months.  Other listings will show the bandwidth used for each web site per month and all of that can be very helpful when planning the next launch.
  • Webalizer:  This lists all the hits to your web sites and who made them, by web site.  This breaks it down by month and also shows you from which country those hits are coming from.  There are even hourly statistics.
  • Webalizer FTP:  A very complex chart that shows who has been visiting your web sites through an FTP account.  Helpful to know who and what people are doing.
  • Awstats:  Gives you a set of visual statistics about the visitors to your site.  Very colorful.
  • Raw Access Logs:  This lists and sends a zipped file to you about the visitors to your site. This is a quick way to see who has been visiting without all of the charts and graphs.
  • Error Log:  This will list for you the last several error messages that have come up about your sites. Helpful to track this to see about any broken links and other problems that you might not catch otherwise.
  • Choose Log Programs:  This function allows you to identify exactly what programs you will use to monitor your visitors and web usage.

All of the information that is available to you when you are hosted by Hostgator is provided so that you have complete control over the entire experience.  The visitor’s information is helpful, the country of origin of the visit is helpful and the amount of actual hits by real people is very telling.  All of this information is at your hand when you host your files at Hostgator.