What sets Hostgator apart from the other hosting companies, other than the fact that it was created in 2002 by a guy in his college dorm room and is now the 15th largest hosting company in the United States?  Other than the fact that they are 130% Green Powered Certified?  Other than they have some of the least expensive hosing packages on the market?  The answer, if one is still needed, is that they have all the applications and programs you need to take advantage of all of the functionality that is available from the best designers and engineers across the internet.

They have some of the best programs, included in the monthly cost of hosting, to make your web sites the dynamic sites that they can be.¬† Let’s take a good look at some of these:

Through the cPanel platform, an easy to use one-click accessible interface, you can select the QuickInstall feature and be exposed to many of the programs and apps that you need the most.  Among them are:

Blogging Software:  Other than the 3 available through the Fantastico panel you can also use LifeType and Pixelpost.  These are very good blogging portals.

Forum Software:  Simple Machines Forum, bbPress, Mybb, Advanced Electron Forum and PunBB are available to help you install discussion boards, forums and bulletin boards.

Content Management Software:  A very good portion of all of the best CMS software is available from concrete5 through Zikula and a lot of places in between:  Drupal, liveSite, Moodle, XOOPS, Mahara and TYPO3.  They all have their followings and they are all there to assist you in many different ways.  They are available, included in the same monthly fee, which is still one of the lowest around.

  • Commerce Software: Magento, PrestaShop, TomatoCart and others help you set up the catalog store and the shopping cart that you need to offer your customers for ease of checkout.
  • Wiki Software: Various different soft-wares that allow you to start your own ‘Wikipedia’ type web pages.
  • Photo Gallery Software: There are many photos available for you to use and additional resources for other sites to visit for other images.
  • Mailing List Software: Some very flexible software that allows you to design, maintain, manage and control all aspects of mailing lists to adequately follow up on members, customers and potential customers.
  • Polling Software:¬† Set up several polls to help you decide which direction to go as far as product mix and/or editorial policies.
  • Chat Software:¬† Several good chat software programs available.¬† Keep up with the visitors that need that little bit of extra help and/or info, right now.
  • Social Networking Software:¬† Set up another Facebook.¬† Take MySpace on. Or, you can set up a social network for an intranet system for your company‚Äôs network.¬† Whatever you do, know that social networking is the big thing that everybody is talking about.¬† Most of them are talking through it anyways.

There are many other software programs and apps that can be accessed thru the QuickInstall function and they are all provided by Hostgator.