Yes!  Oh, you need more?  OK.  Through the cPanel provided by Hostgator, you are able to get access to Attratca .com.  This company will help you do quite a number of things.  Listed below are some of those.

On the cPanel are six icons that you can use to access the SEO tools available.¬† Clicking on the Get in Google icon will prompt you to submit any and all of your current web sites hosted by Hostgator to Attracta.¬† They will then crawl all of the pages on those web sites and submit that information to Google for them to come and visit. Most of the time when you upload a web site Google may not visit for months, or not at all even.¬† This handy function gets the Spiders attention within days.¬† You can find yourself on Google’s search results very quickly.

The next icon, the Google Scorecard, displays information that you will find helpful to you as you attempt to modify your files to score better for Google.  The scorecard will let you know about some of the things you need to have or things you should change in order to score better for the most popular search engine on the planet.

Nothing is more frustrating to a visitor to your web page than a link that does not work.  That link might be your money maker and it is not sending people to the right page or affiliate site.  The biggest problem with this is that unless you are checking all the time, you may never know that there is a problem until it is too late.  The icon that says Broken Links Report will do all of that testing for you and send you an e-mail about it.

Now for the interesting one!  The one marked Google Maps Listing will help you to get your business on Google maps.  As of this writing, Google is still providing free listings to businesses on the maps when people search for a map of your area.  This is very helpful when you need foot traffic.  This is also helpful when you just want to be on the map.

The second to the last icon says Link Building Directory.  Maybe one of the reasons that you are not getting the traffic you want is that you do not have the right kind and amount of links leading people to your site.  That is what this function will help you to do.  Follow the instructions here and see the difference.  The links that can be produced by using some of the simple techniques here will benefit you and all of your pages for a long time.

All of the above functions are set up to deal with your content in Google fashion.  Most of the other search engines use the same basic rules for grading your site.  When you have Google on your side, or at least not against you, you have an upper hand over all the other search engines.

The last icon, when clicked will set you up to receive 15 minutes of free consultation.

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What do you need as a web hosting account, when you want to brand yourself with the offering of hosting services to your clients and/or affiliates?¬† You need one of Hostgator’s Reseller accounts. Think about the flexible bonuses you can provide to the people that are the base of your earnings. But, you ask, what is a reseller account and why do you need Hostgator to provide it?

A reseller account allows you to sell web hosting services, just like any other web hosting company. You could name it (your name) Hosting Company and keep all the subscription fees that you charge and Hostgator will do all of the work.  Some of the ways that you could benefit from this strategy are:

  1. Offer free web hosting for affiliates who make so many sales in a given period of time.
  2. Offer free or reduced priced hosting for anyone who takes advantage of your web-designing services.
  3. Sell web hosting to all of your members in a membership web site.
  4. Give free web hosting to your family and/or friends.
  5. Many other ideas that you could come up with.

Each Hostgator Reseller account comes with:

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited cPanels
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Private Name Servers
  • Free SiteBuilders to Provide to your Clients
  • Free Billing Systems
  • 22+ Languages Available for your Clients

So, how does all of this work?  It’s simple, really.  When you sign up for your reseller account, currently from $25.00 to $100.00 depending on bandwidth selected, you get access to the reseller control panel.  This allows you to assign each of your clients to their own cPanel that will allow them all the management tools that you have with your cPanel, such as all the programs, all the apps and all the scripts that you have.  You have to admit that the list is a lengthy one, indeed.  You are the administrator and all you need to do to get any assistance is to call customer service 24/7/365.

There is so much that you can have access to for the sole purpose of making it a very easy way to make people happy with the services that you can provide.  You can even register names for others.  Take a real good look at some of those features.  You can offer the following.

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Easy To Use cPanel
  • 99.9% Up-Time
  • No Contract
  • 400+ Brandable Videos so they Know What they are Doing
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

Actually you can offer them everything that you get.  The money comes to you and you keep it while Hostgator does all the work.

You can promote your own hosting, you can promote the 10th largest hosting company in the United States and you can have a piece of the hundreds of billion dollar pie.  This is what Hostgator will provide to you as a reseller of their 130% Green Energy Certified business.

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Hostgator supplies videos for all things web hosting.¬† The videos that are available for the person that needs to know what they are doing are listed on their web site and are accessible by anyone.¬† Some of the videos have to do with how to manage your account with them and the vast majority of them are about things that are available for you to manage your web sites on their servers.¬† Let’s take a look at some of these.

Logging into your account as well making payments, setting up a Paypal subscription and updating your account information are all very necessary and that is the things you need to know to manage your relationship with them.  Those are covered by various video tutorials.  Most of these very informative videos deal with the management and the application and installation of the various programs, apps and scripts available from their very large store.

The videos will include:

  • Logging into cPanel
  • Creating an E-mail account
  • FTP Accounts, creating them
  • How to use the webmail
  • Adding an add-on domain
  • Creating the best sub-domain
  • Viewing your disk space information
  • Blocking an IP address
  • Changing the style of your cPanel
  • How to back up your website and restoring it
  • Creating a MySql database
  • Creating an auto responder
  • Creating an E-mail forwarder
  • Placing a password on a directory
  • Setting up a cron job
  • How to use Fantastico
  • Using the file manager
  • How to use the Spam Assassin
  • Creating a URL redirect
  • Installing FrontPage
  • Managing all visitor logs
  • Changing Name Servers

There are additional videos showing how to manage all Plesk activities such as logging in, configuring a database, e-mail and the firewall.  Also included are managing backups, clients, domain aliases and domains, e-mail accounts, ip addresses, MySql databases, passwords and services and other components.

The lists of the videos available are a very long list, indeed.  Hostgator does not want to leave you hanging without the information you need to do any of the things that area accessible for your use. You need to have a web hosting company that does not leave anything to chance.  You have that ability to not only know, but to also be able to view them over and over again.  This is one of the most helpful hosting companies and they are 130% Green Certified as well.  That has to go a long way to settling your mind about where they think they need to make the most efforts.

The above very small listing of the videos available should tell you that when you host with Hostgator, you are getting more than your money’s worth in everything that they do.¬† Hostgator is one of the top 10 web hosting companies in the United States and is very popular all over the world. Telling you that with Hostgator they not only do all the things that you need done, they show you how to do those things that are the most helpful for the best web sites in your niche.

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What are you looking for in the area of web hosting?  Hostgator is the answer to more than 5,000,000 domains around the world.  Hostgator is the answer to the question: Who is the greenest hosting company? Hostgator is the answer to the question:  Who is the least expensive hosting company around?  According to http://www.hostgatorpromocode.biz here are some other questions that can all be answered with the same answer:  Hostgator

  • Who has a 45 day money back guarantee?
  • Who has the best customer service, 24/7/365?
  • What hosting company was started in 2002 by a college student, Brent, in his dorm room?
  • What hosting company is 130% Green Energy Certified?
  • What hosting company provides unlimited disk space even with the basic package for $3.96 per month?
  • What hosting company provides unlimited domain hosting even for the basic package?
  • What hosting company provides unlimited e-mails and FTP accounts?
  • What hosting company gives you a 99.9% up-time guarantee?
  • What hosting company gives you a free SiteBuilder HTML editor even with the basic package?
  • Which hosting company provides you with 4500 free templates to use for the creating of your web sites?
  • Which Hosting company provides you with over 50 programs, scripts and other applications to use to make your web pages the most interactive pages in your niche?
  • What is the name of the hosting company that gives you $100.00 in Google Adwords credits?
  • What hosting company provides the easiest to use cPanel platform, accessible with a simple user name/password combination?¬† This is the heart of the entire system.
  • What hosting company provides unlimited MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access?
  • Where can you go to get web site statistics through Webalizer, AWStats and a range of other visitor logs information in very easy to read charts and very colorful graphs?
  • Who has the best programs and scripts available through Fantastico?
  • Who has all of the most popular programming languages that are used for the best applications, such as CGI, fast CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSI?
  • Who can help you with all of the e-mail applications such as unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts with SMTP, unlimited auto-responders, mail forwards, e-mail aliases, mailing lists and getting your e-mails through your phone?
  • What hosting company provides and hosts, of course, a community forum for their members?
  • Who has weekly off-site backups for all domains?
  • Who has 24/7/365 monitoring of their more than 8,000 servers?
  • Which hosting company will assist you in setting up a blog with WordPress or b2evelution?
  • Who is the hosting company that has all the programs and scripts that allow you to set up a Wiki site?

A quick look at the Hostgator web site will provide a lot of information that will answer all the questions that you know you have, quite a few that you did not know that you had and provide a quick and easy way to get the answers to those questions that you have that are not answered yet.  That just means that they have not gotten around to answering them.  Hostgator is the answer to them all.

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So, you have narrowed the search for a new web hosting company down to just a few of the top 10 or 15, have you?  You need to know about all of the different platforms and types of interfaces and the range of e-mail accounts offered as well as the various scripts, programs and applications included in each package.  This is a very interesting time.  Let’s fill in some of the blanks.

Based in Houston, Texas, Hostgator is the 15th largest hosting company in the United States.  It started in 2002 in a college student’s dorm room and has gown from 3 servers to over 8,000, now.  They host over 5,000,000 domains and have more than 2,000,000 users/clients.  They have won over 35 awards from various entities and are credited with being 130% Green Power Certified.

Each account has a full 45 day money back guarantee, 99.9% up-time record and has essentially four hosting options.  Those are Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller.

Shared is what you would get at most of the hosting companies for their basic fees.  This option puts all accounts on the smallest number of servers.  Your websites might be on a server in Texas, they might be on a server in some other location.  It really does not matter where your server is, because they are easily accessible no matter where they are.  The point about shared hosting is that when another user does something that might cause the server to go down, your stuff goes down and it is not even your fault.  This does not happen too often, however when it does…? HostGator does provide a shared hosting option of course, as most users find this is the best price/security option and again, they do have a 99.9% up-time that any web hoisting review site or forum will attest to.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is the next step up the ladder toward the security of a dedicated server.  VPS ensures that the files you have uploaded are virtually separated from any others on the servers that they are on.  The monitoring that is 24/7 with Hostgator makes sure that any issues arising from any problems are squelched very quickly and/or your files are transferred to one or more of the other servers in their server farms.

The dedicated servers are the ultimate in security for the web sites that are your money makers.  When you have the number of visitors and the membership that keeps your web sites really humming, you know that you need the most bandwidth, capabilities and flexibility available to keep up with the load.  Hostgator wants work with you to get the most for your money and makes sure that you have what you need in no uncertain terms.

Reseller accounts are those that are used for you when you need to re-sell hosting accounts.  You can be the hosting company.  You can collect the money.  Hostgator can do all the work.

That might be the best option for you and Hostgator can be the one that will do it for you.

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What sets Hostgator apart from the other hosting companies, other than the fact that it was created in 2002 by a guy in his college dorm room and is now the 15th largest hosting company in the United States?  Other than the fact that they are 130% Green Powered Certified?  Other than they have some of the least expensive hosing packages on the market?  The answer, if one is still needed, is that they have all the applications and programs you need to take advantage of all of the functionality that is available from the best designers and engineers across the internet.

They have some of the best programs, included in the monthly cost of hosting, to make your web sites the dynamic sites that they can be.¬† Let’s take a good look at some of these:

Through the cPanel platform, an easy to use one-click accessible interface, you can select the QuickInstall feature and be exposed to many of the programs and apps that you need the most.  Among them are:

Blogging Software:  Other than the 3 available through the Fantastico panel you can also use LifeType and Pixelpost.  These are very good blogging portals.

Forum Software:  Simple Machines Forum, bbPress, Mybb, Advanced Electron Forum and PunBB are available to help you install discussion boards, forums and bulletin boards.

Content Management Software:  A very good portion of all of the best CMS software is available from concrete5 through Zikula and a lot of places in between:  Drupal, liveSite, Moodle, XOOPS, Mahara and TYPO3.  They all have their followings and they are all there to assist you in many different ways.  They are available, included in the same monthly fee, which is still one of the lowest around.

  • Commerce Software: Magento, PrestaShop, TomatoCart and others help you set up the catalog store and the shopping cart that you need to offer your customers for ease of checkout.
  • Wiki Software: Various different soft-wares that allow you to start your own ‘Wikipedia’ type web pages.
  • Photo Gallery Software: There are many photos available for you to use and additional resources for other sites to visit for other images.
  • Mailing List Software: Some very flexible software that allows you to design, maintain, manage and control all aspects of mailing lists to adequately follow up on members, customers and potential customers.
  • Polling Software:¬† Set up several polls to help you decide which direction to go as far as product mix and/or editorial policies.
  • Chat Software:¬† Several good chat software programs available.¬† Keep up with the visitors that need that little bit of extra help and/or info, right now.
  • Social Networking Software:¬† Set up another Facebook.¬† Take MySpace on. Or, you can set up a social network for an intranet system for your company‚Äôs network.¬† Whatever you do, know that social networking is the big thing that everybody is talking about.¬† Most of them are talking through it anyways.

There are many other software programs and apps that can be accessed thru the QuickInstall function and they are all provided by Hostgator.

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The best way to know if you are getting traffic, other than people actually sending you money, is the logs provided by the hosting companies as they should be in the best position to know and provide this. Hostgator is no different and they want you to be able to get this information very quickly.  After all, the more money you make, the more web sites you are going to upload into their servers and everyone wins.  The more information that they can provide then the more you are going to know that they are not in the business of keeping you in the dark.  Gone is the day when a hosting company will only provide this information after many e-mails and threats.

What kind of information do you need to manage your web sites?¬† It is available thru the cPanel platform that comes with every Hostgator account.¬† The logs section has 8 icons to pinpoint exactly the information that you need.¬† You will probably use one or two of them more than the rest. However, having more information is always preferable to have less.¬† Let’s look at each application/function:

  • Latest Visitors:¬† This function lists up to the last 300 visitors to that particular web site.¬† It will indicate whether it is a live person on their computer or a robot.
  • Bandwidth:¬† This function will show you the bandwidth usage for today, last 7 days and/or last 12 months.¬† Other listings will show the bandwidth used for each web site per month and all of that can be very helpful when planning the next launch.
  • Webalizer:¬† This lists all the hits to your web sites and who made them, by web site.¬† This breaks it down by month and also shows you from which country those hits are coming from.¬† There are even hourly statistics.
  • Webalizer FTP:¬† A very complex chart that shows who has been visiting your web sites through an FTP account.¬† Helpful to know who and what people are doing.
  • Awstats:¬† Gives you a set of visual statistics about the visitors to your site.¬† Very colorful.
  • Raw Access Logs:¬† This lists and sends a zipped file to you about the visitors to your site. This is a quick way to see who has been visiting without all of the charts and graphs.
  • Error Log:¬† This will list for you the last several error messages that have come up about your sites. Helpful to track this to see about any broken links and other problems that you might not catch otherwise.
  • Choose Log Programs:¬† This function allows you to identify exactly what programs you will use to monitor your visitors and web usage.

All of the information that is available to you when you are hosted by Hostgator is provided so that you have complete control over the entire experience.¬† The visitor’s information is helpful, the country of origin of the visit is helpful and the amount of actual hits by real people is very telling.¬† All of this information is at your hand when you host your files at Hostgator.

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Many people have wondered about the name Hostgator.  They have thought about what a unique name this company has.  They have thought that a Gator, that probably has never even set their eyes on a computer, much less used one, is not the best name for a hosting company.  What can be said for that name and how does it really apply to the way in which this 2002 start-up company works.

Could it be about the college student who started the whole thing in his dorm room?¬† Maybe it applied to the pets that college guys have in the dorms?¬† Hostgator has to be in reference to something, right?¬† Let’s see, Gators are tough.¬† Hostgator has a set of applications and programs available that really do set it apart from other hosting companies and that has to be a tough way to go.

Gators have those very sharp teeth.  Those can be likened to the many different program stores that Hostgator has available for everyone who finds them.  The razor sharp applications, like WordPress, Webalizer, the unlimited MySql databases, the unlimited domains and all the rest that can grab you and not let go, that is kind of like a Gator.

Maybe it is for the names assigned to each account plan.¬† Let’s face it, Hatchling, Baby Croc are names for Gators in various stages of their lives.¬† The bigger they get, the more ferocious they are and the bigger the teeth.¬† Why does this trouble people so much?

The tough skin that all Gators have is a starting point.  Hostgator has a reputation as being one of the greenest hosting companies in the world.  It is 130% Green Power Certified and has been for almost its entire life.  That is certainly tough and it has led the way for other companies to do the same. Gators are one of the original green energy animals.  They have been with us for many thousands of years and they will come up on top in just about any fight.

Just like Hostgator who will also come out up on top in just about any comparison shopping you care to do, the features from the blogging software through the applications that will assist you in putting all the bells and whistles on your web pages; the ones that make you web sites the most interactive in your niche, do come out on top every time.

Do other hosting companies with wimpy names have some of the same features?¬† Yeah, some of them do. However, can they boast 24/7/365 monitoring of the over 8,000 servers available?¬† Gators are on the lookout for trouble 24/7/365, so should your hosting company.¬† Do some of the others have the ability to give you the service that you deserve?¬† According to many of the reviews that are out there, a lot of them just can’t seem to get the customer service part right.¬† You know that when you find a Gator, he will take care of business.

Hostgator is the right name in the right place at the right price.

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